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Grant and Victor
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Grant and Victor
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To many within Australian Country Music, the Wagga Wagga NSW based Grant Luhrs and The Chook Raffle Band are perhaps best known for the song Nude Bootscootin', which took a comical look at the line dancing craze.

Over two weeks in May, any notions of Nude Bootscootin' were put on hold with Grant and his band invited to perform at the International Country Music Week in the Central China city of Zhangjiajie.

Billed in China as The Grant Luhrs Band due to the difficulty of trying to translate Chook Raffle to the locals, Grant and the guys attracted a lot of attention from not only the music fans, but a number of promoters as well.
"It is very difficult to explain the notion of a Chook Raffle to the Chinese," Grant said.

"The best translation and explanation we could come up with was to call ourselves the "Chicken Lottery Band". They were most confused by this, and we were asked many times - "Why you want to have a lottery and have dead chicken as prize?"

Twenty-Five different countries were invited to perform at Zhangjiajie and Grant and the band were extremely well received even being asked to do a show for students at the local university.

"We were part of the opening concert which was broadcast live to a TV audience of around 6 million people. We also did 5 other shows around the amazing Zhangjiajie forest park tourist area. We were mobbed at the end of each show."

With strong interest from local promoters, it is likely that Grant and the band will be back in China in the near future.

"We are currently talking to these guys with the idea of doing more shows later on in the year. We have also been invited to another festival just north of Hong Kong in November."

Tianmen Mountain
Tianmen Mountain
On the steps at Tianmen Mountain
Grant in full voice at Tianmen Mountain

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